Beauty and the Beast – Open Auditions – Spring Youth Musical

Wednesday, Jan 8th 6:00-9:00pm
Friday, Jan 10th 4:00-6:00pm
Saturday, Jan 11th 11:00am-2:00pm

Call Backs : Sunday Jan 12 10:00am-1:00pm
Location: The Palace Theater – 38 Haili Street, Hilo
Directed by Larry Reitzer

Performances: March 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, & 29 at the Palace Theater

Open Auditions seeking Actors / Singers / Dancers of All ages, all types.
Also seeking gymnasts, aerialists, tumblers, jugglers, and performers with circus skills

All auditioning should prepare 16-32 bars of an uptemp musical theater or pop song. Please bring your own accompaniment tracks or sheet music. A piano accompanist will be provided. You will also be asked to read from the script and dance. Please wear comfortable clothes. Please bring a resume and a list of ALL conflicts (classes, jobs, etc) to the auditions. 

If you are unable to make the auditions, and would like to be considered, please feel free to send a video submission. All Video taped auditions must be received no later than midnight, Jan 8th.

For further information and guidelines, please email the director, Larry Reitzer at

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There are over 20 speaking roles in the show. Leading roles include:

BELLE : Fairytale heroine; strong, intelligent, spirited and independent young woman. Strong singer who portrays innocence with her singing and speaking voice. Mezzo-soprano: Low A-High F

THE BEAST : Tortured soul. Strong singer who can move well. Must have strong speaking voice and stage presence. Baritone: A-High F

GASTON : Physically handsome, shallow, self-centered, not very bright, thrives on attention. Strong singer and character actor who moves and dances well. Baritone: A-High F

LEFOU : (any gender) Gaston’s dim-witted, servile sidekick. Must be comfortable with physical comedy. Strong character acting. Baritone: B-High F Sharp

MAURICE : Scatter-brained, kind, devoted father to Belle. Baritone: B flat-High D flat

BABETTE : Saucy, enchanted feather-duster; the object of Lumiere’s affections. Good character acting and should move well – dances tango with Lumiere. Speaks with a french accent. Tap skills prefered. Alto: C-C

LUMIERE : French Butler- transformed into a Candelabra. Light-hearted and charming. He has a romantic involvement with Babette. Speaks with a French accent. Ctrong character actor/dancer. Tap skills preferred. Baritone A-High F Sharp

COGSWORTH : Tighly-wound, enchanted mantle clock and the head of the Beast’s household. Stuffy English man who loves perfection. Speaks with a British accent. Strong Character acting. Baritone A-High E

MRS. POTTS : Warm-hearted, maternal enchanted teapot. Sings the title song BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Speaks with a British accent. Mezzo-Soprano: Low F sharp – High G

CHIP : (any gender) Inquisitive little teacup, child of Mrs. Potts. Soprano: D-High D

MADAME DE LA GRANDE BOUCHE: Former opera diva turned enchanted wardobe. Looking for natural comic timing. Soprano: C sharp-High G

MONSIEUR D’ARQUE: Creepy, scheming owner of the local insane asylum, The Maison De Lune. Doubles as a townsperson. Tenor: D-High A

THREE SILLY GIRLS : Young maids who swoon over Gaston. Featured dancers who double as enchanted objects. Should be able to move well. Tap skills preferred.

ADDITIONAL ENSEMBLE: (TOWNSPEOPLE, WOLVES, THE ENCHANTED OBJECTS, ETC) – The ensemble is very busy, as they are both townspeople and enchanted objects. There are several solo lines in songs like “Belle” and “The Mob Song” and many great dance numbers (“Gaston”, “Be Our Guest”, and “Human Again”)