Hawaii Magic Camp XII, Mar 2019

Bruce Meyer’s MAGIC CAMP XII

March 19th-22nd
3 hours a day for 4 consecutive days!
$80 per child

Popular, engaging and educational fun for ages 6 & up.

Enroll in MAGIC CAMP XII today online or over the phone at 808-443-8390

A fun performance magic program that your child will enjoy, emphasizing goal achievement, self-esteem building, positive attitudes, poise, confidence building and teamwork.

Conducted by international award winners and long time magic instructors Bruce and Jennifer Meyers. Includes all magic tricks, props and learning materials. Each day, 5 or more magic tricks are taught. The material is learned in groups as well as one on one. You’ll find the magic pretty good and baffling! They’ll build their own magic kit and learn to make things appear, switch places, levitate and vanish!