Little Pink House

Friday & Saturday, June 8 & 9 at 7PM
Sunday, June 10 at 2:30PM & 7PM
Monday and Tuesday, June 11 & 12 at 7PM
Not Rated, 98 Minutes, Drama
Doors will open 30 minutes prior to each showing. Tickets are $8.50 General and $7.50 for Seniors & Students.
Every Tuesday from 6:30-7pm, enjoy Rick Mazurowski on the Mighty Palace Pipe Organ.

Starring: Catherine Keener, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Aaron Douglas
Directed by: Courtney Balaker

A small-town nurse named Susette Kelo emerges as the reluctant leader of her working-class neighbors in their struggle to save their homes from political and corporate interests bent on seizing the land and handing it over to Pfizer Corporation. Susette’s battle goes all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and the controversial 5-4 decision in Kelo vs City of New London gave government officials the power to bulldoze a neighborhood for the beneift of a multibillion-dollar corporation. The decision outraged Americans across the political spectrum, and that passion fueled reforms that helped curb eminent domain abuse.

“Unmistakable timeliness… excellent performances… bottom line – it hits a nerve.” – Hollywood Reporter