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Independent Drama, LGBTQ

Rental Price: $12

Not Rated, contains scenes of sensuality

Directed by: Lara Jean Gallagher

Starring: Otmara Marrero, Sydney Sweeney, Will Brittain

Reeling from a one-sided breakup, heartbroken Karen breaks into her ex’s lake house. There, she strikes up a complicated relationship with provocative younger woman Lana.

The Hilo Palace Theater  is thrilled to partner with OSCILLOSCOPE on the virtual release of the new film CLEMENTINE. With our link, your ticket is just $12, and 50% of proceeds support the Hilo Palace and our staff! Join us in watching the film this Friday 5/22.


Synopsis: Reeling from a one-sided breakup, anguished Karen (Otmara Marrero) flees Los Angeles for her ex’s idyllic lake house in the Pacific Northwest. There, she becomes entangled with a mysterious, alluring younger woman (Sydney Sweeney), whom she cannot seem to resist. Equal parts psychological thriller and sexual coming-of-age story, CLEMENTINE is a tense rumination on who to love and how to let go.

Critics Say:

“A Slow burning meditation on love and a character study of women in different stages of life” Lorry Kikta FILM THREAT

“A coming of age story that gives us new perspective on the cycle of hurt.”

Danielle Solzman SOLZY AT THE MOVIES

“A portrait of the often shifting relationship between female friends that is so rarely conveyed honestly in film.” Erica Ciccarone NASHVILLE SCENE