Nona Beamer: A Legacy of Aloha

Special presentation – One Day Only
Saturday April 15th @ 2:30pm
Doors and concessions open at 2pm

Documentary | 90 min
Not Rated

Tickets Available Now:
$10 General Admission;
$9 Seniors, Students, Veterans (with ID)
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‘Nona Beamer: A Legacy of Aloha’ is a portrait of a remarkable Hawaiian dancer, teacher, and musician. As a child Nona ran headlong into the colonial influences that still suppressed the Hawaiian language and culture well into the 20th Century. Through stories, songs, and dances, from some of those whose lives were changed by Aunty Nona, a picture emerges of the crusader who, quietly and sweetly, helped reshape history and restore Hawaiian culture and dance.



Featured in the film are:

Kaliko Beamer-Trapp, Hawaiian language teacher and Nona’s hanai (adopted) son, Gordean Bailey, Kumu Hula (hula teacher) on Maui,

Nathan Kalama, Kumu Hula, composer, and director of the Malie Foundation on Kaua‘i, Puna Kalama Dawson, Kumu Hula on Kaua‘i,

David Kawika Eyre, Hawaiian language teacher at Kamehameha Schools on Oahu, Anakala Pilipo Solatorio, cultural practitioner on Moloka‘I,

Caren Loebel-Fried, artist and illustrator,

Kaleo Trinidad, Kumu Hula at Kamehameha Schools, Oahu,

Penny Vredenburg, Nona’s cousin and host at Hawaiian events,

Teri Waros, former manager of the Lodge at Molokai Ranch,

and many others

Quotes from the film:

“Having been exposed to hula all my life, watching the different methods and ways to express this dance, I really feel that the Beamer choreography is the PhD of hula.”   Gordean Bailey

“She was aloha, the embodiment of, the manifestation of the Hawaiian notion of hospitality, of sharing breath, of opening the door, of welcoming…you know, of love.”  Lynn Samuels

“You know, she was a great sower of seed. She planted these great mele and songs here…”    Kaleo Trinidad