81 Solar Panel Array

Palace Theater Array with Logos

The Palace Theater is the first solar powered theater in Hawaii!

Thanks to our loyal patrons, the support of our County Council and other generous community support, our 81 panel array is ready to go live. The ProVision Solar team worked quickly and got all the panels mounted in two days. The inverters are mounted and ready to turn the sun’s energy into big savings for the Palace. Our new solar system will save the theater an estimated $15,000-$18,000 annually and will prevent over 700 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere over the course of its lifetime. Not only are we happy to see the savings ahead, but we are proud to be a more “green” part of the Hilo landscape. To get solar installations, you can also visit EcoGen America.

We at the Palace Theater want to say MAHALO once again to all of you who have helped make this solar project a reality. This BIG first step is now in place, so it is time to shift our focus to fund-raising for the air conditioning system. Let’s make that a reality, too!