Adapting to the Pandemic

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Click to watch the virtual showcase from Big Island Dance studio N2 DANCE

It has been inspiring to see all the ways the arts community has adapted and persevered in the face of a pandemic. One such story of perseverance is that of Big Island dance studio N2 Dance’s Spring musical production: “Holomoana o ke Aloha (Voyage of Love)” which was scheduled to debut at the Palace this past May. When the live show was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, their team decided that the show must go on. Working within social distancing regulations, they filmed/photographed each performer individually on a green screen, outside in open air. With some editing magic, the cast’s performances were virtually combined into a one of a kind video showcase to share with the community. The musical production is an adaptation of the story of Maui (played by
Dakota Hill) and a strong willed girl named Moana (played by Maya Polloi) who set out to save the world with unexpected help from a young girl named Heihei (played by Tatianna Vares-Kanaele) and Tutukane (played by Maika Woods). The production includes acting, singing, and dancing (Hip-hop, Contemporary, Jazz, and Hula) by a cast ranging in age from 4 to 50. We hope that you enjoy the show!