Aguamelom “Until We’re There”

Psychedelic jazz funk Live from the Empty Palace

Aguamelon is a 6 piece psychedelic jazz funk band based on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Artist: Aguamelon
Track: “Until We’re There”

Aguamelon is made up of Asha Azama on keys, Elijah Livingston on guitar, Hawk on violin, Jimmy James Stapleford on drums, Erik Avery on bass, Reggie Tojo Smyth on congas

Produced In association with Larkin Pictures
Produced by: Phillips Payson, Zoë Eisenberg, Drew Daniels
Cinematography & Edit by: Phillips Payson
Lighting by: Theon Weber
Sound Recording By: Pepe Romero CJs Promotions
Music Mix & Mastering by James Stapleford

A Palace Theater Production
Stay healthy, stay informed and see you back at The Palace!