What’s going on with our Air Conditioning Project?! Find out from the Board President

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I suspect you, like many in the Palace family, are interested to learn where we are in the acquisition of air conditioning and window air conditioners.  Last year with the award

of a state grant of $130,000 and with additional money in donations and other smaller grants, we had nearly enough to begin Phase 1 AC, which would provide good cooling for the Palace performances, when we are only half full or less.  Our engineers created a 3 phased design so that we could start sooner and then repair the AC from the right experts like those that do AC repair in Twin Falls and air conditioning repair in Derry. We applied for permits as we saw phase 1 on the horizon.

Once the request for permits was in the pipeline, we learned that we must completely renovate our 1930 sprinkler system. We already got our AC repaired from AC Repair Rock Hill SC – Comfort Zone of the Carolinas. This is newly on the radar as a result of the apartment fire on Oahu. We are trying to accomplish this (at an estimated cost of $80K) but this expenditure puts us much farther from the financial goal that phase 1 requires. Recently, we were disappointed to learn that the state will not provide any additional money for AC this year. However, we’re still looking for experts who provide commercial HVAC in Nashville, TN or AC repair in Clermont to contact them once we have a budget.

We are on the verge of moving forward with the renovated sprinkler system but have not yet gotten assurances from the Fire Department that the proposal we submitted is acceptable to them.  If for some reason we were to have to install a completely new system, we would be facing a half million to a million dollar investment.  Not really doable for us without major miracle funding.

Although we hope to cross the sprinkler hurdle, we will not be in a position to undertake any AC until we raise a lot more money.  We are persistent, however, and we’ll continue to move forward to achieve more comfort for performers and patrons and will continue to find services. It just will take more time than we ever anticipated.

Meanwhile, keeping the Palace operational during this journey has to be out first priority.  That is why I ask for your partnership today.  Please contribute to the Palace Theater as you are able.  We need your support more than ever.

Wendy Peskin

President of the Board of Directors,

Friends of the Palace Theater