Israel Sanchez “Khepra”

Big Island based songwriter Israel Sanchez performs an original live looping song from the Empty Palace Stage.

You can hear more from Israel  on Spotify and YouTube

Khepra Lyrics:


ive been

taking all this way too far

so far 

all this 

seems so right

right where we are 

come and find me 

to see me balance right from wrong,

right where we were 

before we learned to play along


whoa oh aye 



it sets in 

they wanna know just who i am,

thats where i stopped

to draw a line and make a stand,

see i’m, no one 

i know one finds it hard to stand,

on their two feet

thats how i got to where i am 


whoa oh aye 


Produced In association with Larkin Pictures
Produced by: Phillips Payson, Meadow Lambert, Zoe Eisenberg, Drew Daniels
Cinematography & Edit by: Phillips Payson
2nd Camera Operator: Tash Zarate
Lighting by: Theon Weber
Sound By: Pepe Romero CJs Promotions
Flower Arrangement: Genevieve Aiona 
A Palace Theater Production