Letter From the Executive Director


We are very sorry that our current movie “Call Me by Your Name” cannot be shown. As your Executive Director I want to assure everyone that this is a major disappointment to us. We have just spent over $6,000 on a new server and it appeared to be working with our equipment just fine. After some troubleshooting, we now know that the issue is within the server. As a new server, it will be warranted if it cannot be fixed. That does not make any of us feel better as we are missing at least one and maybe even 2 weeks of films.

There have been some harsh comments made on Facebook that we are deliberately not screening this movie due to content. Rest assured that is NOT the case. The Palace Theater is already in the planning stages with the organizers of July’s Hawai’i Island Pride festivities about what we can do to support the event, as we have done for many years. I am actually shocked that anyone would think we would shy away from a movie due to any content, let alone content based on sexual orienation.

If possible, we will see if this movie can be rescheduled at a later date when our technical issue has been corrected. We cannot promise, but we will try. For those who know the Palace and the people here, thank you for understanding that these things happen.

Please stay tuned and continue to support your Palace Theater, We need you more than ever when we face these types of equipment failures.


Morgen Bahurinsky, Executive Director