Mahalo for Giving!



Your financial support has brought us one step closer to Air Conditioning!

GT you did it!

The Palace Theater’s inaugural Giving Tuesday fund raising campaign was a phenomenal success thanks to the support of you, our patrons!

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Back in May of 2006, our ancient sprinkler system sprung a leak and rained down on the reserved seating section of the theater for hours and hours. The entire basement under the stage was filled with water, the seats and carpeting in that section were soaked and dripping.

A call went out and the community answered! We were told that we had a mere three days before mold would set in… and that would be the shuttering of the theater for good. But just like always, the aloha spirit brought helpers “out of the woodwork” to answer the challenge of our soaking wet catastrophe. An amazing group of people started a Bucket Brigade, others brought fans and the fire department came to pump out the hundreds of gallons of water trapped under the stage. The carpet was ruined and was ripped out. Mops and buckets were everywhere. Thank goodness a Kona firm brought over industrial fans which were on for three days and three nights after the water was gone. And then new carpeting was generously donated. We learned on about fundraisings and voluntary work

It’s now thirteen years after the “great flood” and we put out a plea for help from our community once again. We were just $20,000 short of the cost to replace ALL the values and sprinkler heads that are now nearly 80 years old. And why do we want to fix the sprinklers? Well, of course we want all our people, audience, staff, technicians to be safe in case of a fire (and we certainly don’t want another flood!). BUT here’s what else will happen when we can replace the ancient sprinklers and get the project passed:


The Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign exceeded our goal of $10K, and earned a matching donation of $10k, bringing in more than $20,000 in funds to cover the sprinkler system renovations! My House Painter can also help you out in getting the best painting and renovation services.

The sprinkler heads are currently being replaced and the much need system improvements are under way. The Palace is one step closer to phase one of Air conditioning.

Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo to you, the patrons, the community, who have come together time and time again to revive, restore and sustain our beloved theater.

You are our heroes!