Proud to offer Open Caption screenings!


The Palace Theater is proud to offer Open Caption screenings for Monday night movies, when available!


Similar to subtitles, Open Captioning is text display of all the spoken dialogue and sounds heard during a movie. Open Captioning is a type of “universal access” because it is available to anyone regardless of whether they have hearing loss or not. Audiences without any hearing loss often find Open Captioning very helpful. You may miss a word when text is spoken or sung from off-screen, due to a strong accent or dialect, or if English is not your first language. In any case, Open Captioning offers a way for you to not miss a sound!

Open Captions will be projected during our Monday night movies, when available. Some films will not have Open Captions as an option, but we will have up to date information available on our website. Feel free to call our office during the week to check on the availability of Open Captions.

We would love to hear from you, our loyal patrons, on what you think of this service! Your feedback directly helps us improve our operations. Please send your feed back to

We look forward to hearing from you. See you at the movies!