rocky poster What are you doing for Halloween?  Have you ever been to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show?  Every year, the Palace Theater is full of excitement as patrons arrive dressed up for the show or just dressed up for Halloween. 

We offer participation kits for only $5 to enhance your evening’s viewing.  You can use the prompt card to shout out at key points in the movie along with other audience members. We’ll have everyone out of their seats to do “The Time Warp Dance”! There is even a costume contest before the movie — with prizes!  The movie is a total experience and seeing the audience in crazy costumes is a treat. Even our staff loves to dress up! Doors open at 8:00pm and tickets are only $10 in advance or in costume at the door.  See you Monday, October 31st!


Check out these photos from previous years!

Rocky MarciaMagenta selling $5 participation kits in the lobby!

Rocky LobbyPatrons hanging out in the lobby.

Rocky Horror linePeople waiting in line all dressed up to purchase tickets!

sitting costumes

Patrons waiting for the costume contest to begin!

Rocky CostumesLet the contest begin!

costume contest 2On stage for the costume contest.