Solar Panel Goal: ACHIEVED!

thank-youThe Palace Theater sends a huge Mahalo to Aaron Chung and the Hawaii County Council for awarding us $25,000 from Hawaii County Discretionary Funds. This grant helped us meet our deadline of April 1st to fully fund our Solar Panel Project.  Thanks to this support, and the many generous donations coming in over the last 8 months, we know we will be able to install all 81 solar panels as planned.  This has been a miraculous race to the finish line, and we did it!  Thank you, East Hawaii.

ProVision Solar awaits County Building and Planning approval on our permit so they can begin installation in April. The project must be installed and operational by June 1st to meet the HELCO deadline for our net metering contract. This has been a huge undertaking and at times, we wondered if we were in over our heads.  This community showed us how much the Palace Theater means to them.

East Hawaii, you showed us your support with loose change and donations of all denominations in our lobby collection box and concert goers who put cash in a basket.   Phone calls from patrons with all sizes of donations flowed into the Palace office.  Perhaps the most astounding surprises were 4 mysterious envelopes in our lobby donation box.  Each contained significant contributions to the solar campaign by an anonymous donor or donors. These surprise donations were a huge boost toward closing our funding gap.  To whomever the donor is or donors are, please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your anonymous generosity.

We have done so well that we were able to direct a portion of the funds to start Theater Comfort Phase 2: Air Conditioning.   Thus, we now have a healthy start toward making AC a reality at the Palace.  We can’t stop now.  Keep those donations coming as we work out the details of installing air conditioning for everyone’s greater enjoyment of your Palace Theater experience.

Mahalo Hilo, the Big Island and each of you who helped make this a reality!!