The Palace needs YOUR help!

1_1389125519654Dear Patrons,

As you all know we are working to find money to air condition the Palace for you.  With a price tag nearing $600,000 we have applied for a State Grant In Aid.  Please lobby your State Representative and Senator and ask them to grant the Palace Theater the
money to provide Air Conditioning to their patrons and performers (contact information follows).

If we are granted our request, we will know by March. Then we predict the AC will be installed and functioning this year.  At the Makaha Sons Concert we will have postcards available for you to write to your congress person.  It is amazing what these postcards can mean to sway these representatives in favor of granting us the money we need. Let’s show them how much the community cares about this beautiful, important place. Please help.  Call or write and ask that they approve our Grant In Aid request for Air Conditioning. This is a wonderful free way you can help the Palace Theater reach it’s goal. We hope to continue making this beautiful building be everything it can be for the community.


Hawaii Senators:

Kai Kahele

Hawaii State Capitol, Room 213
Phone 808-586-6760
Fax 808-586-6689


Russell Ruderman

Hawaii State Capitol, Room 203
Phone 808-586-6890
Fax 808-586-6899


Josh Green

Hawaii State Capitol, Room 407
Phone 808-586-9385
Fax 808-586-9391

Lorraine Inouye

Hawaii State Capitol, Room 210

Phone 808-586-7335

Fax 808-586-7339



Hawaii Representatives:


Richard Creagan

House District 5

Hawaii State Capitol

Room 331

phone: 808-586-9605

fax: 808-586-9608




Cindy Evans

Hawaii State Capitol, Room 438

Phone 808-586-8510

Fax 808-586-8514



Nicole Lowen

Hawaii State Capitol, Room 425

Phone 808-586-8400

Fax 808-586-8404



Mark Nakashima

Hawaii State Capitol, Room 406

Phone 808-586-6680

Fax 808-586-6684



Richard Onishi

Hawaii State Capitol, Room 441

Phone 808-586-6120

Fax 808-586-6121



Joy San Buenaventura

House District 4

Hawaii State Capitol

Room 302

phone: 808-586-6530

fax: 808-586-6531



Chris Todd

Hawaii State Capitol, Room 305

Phone 808-586-8480

Fax 808-586-8484