This Giving Tuesday, help the Palace Theater raise money for a new Laser Projector!

Here at the historic Palace Theater, you are able to enjoy films in the oldest cinema still operating on the island of Hawai’i. It takes a mighty projector to throw an image onto the screen 96’ away! Since its reopening in 1999, the Palace Theater has twice upgraded the cinema projection equipment as technology has progressed. From showing movies on 35mm film to our current digital system, the Palace has struggled to keep our doors open and upgrade the projection system in step with the industry. Our mission is to provide the best entertainment experience for you and having state of the art equipment is a crucial piece of creating the perfect showcase environment for all of our patrons to enjoy.
     The time has come to make a major upgrade. As some of you may have already noticed, our 2010 equipment is starting to show its age and is becoming less reliable. It’s time to jump into LASER PROJECTION!
     Laser Projectors deliver a brighter, sharper image. These units have a longer life span because they do not generate massive amounts of heat compared to the older xenon lamp models. Laser Projectors are much more energy efficient, cutting down on electric bills and helping to reduce carbon emissions.
     Upgrading is a big investment… A new laser projection system is roughly $90,000. We have broken this up into smaller tangible goals to make the most of your support. Our goal is to raise $30,000 by the end of the year. We are kicking off the fundraising campaign with GIVING TUESDAY. If we can raise $10,000 in community donations on Giving Tuesday, a private donor will match with an additional $10,000 donation. Following Giving Tuesday, our annual end of year fundraising campaign will be dedicated to meeting that $30,000 goal.
     We are working to secure grant funding to cover the additional $60,000 to complete the upgrade.
     The theater has been so fortunate for the years of support you have sent our way. Community donations have enabled the completion of projects such as the air conditioning installation, fire safety upgrades, and the recent addition of security gates to keep the historic building safe. We are extremely grateful for all the community’s support over the years.
     We are here once again asking for your support in order to improve the theater’s facilities. The projector isn’t only used for movies; it has been an integral part of the musical theatre productions. The sets for “Beauty and the Beast” were magically extended utilizing video elements. “The Lion King Jr” featured animated landscapes mixed in with physical set pieces to transport the audience to the African Savannah. This new incorporation of technology is a testament to the integral use of the theater’s projector on a near daily basis.
      For our End-of-Year 2022 Campaign, we are asking for your support to take the theater into the exciting world of laser projection. Please consider being the CONNECTION to our NEW PROJECTION!
     During this GIVING TUESDAY, November 29, each donation goes twice as far with the $10,000 match riding on your support. Help us raise $10,000 and unlock the match to give us a great start on our $30,000 goal by December 31. And, of course, all donations to our 501 {c} {3} non profit organization are tax deductible.
     Please help us today so we can all enjoy the beautiful Laser Projection of tomorrow.